K pop festival preliminaries, excitement in the United States.

The participation of the 2019 K-POP World Festival, the world’s largest K-pop festival, is hot among American young people. It is a big festival with a direct ticket that can become a K-pop star, and there is a fierce competition for it in the United States. The local media “The Seattle Times” on Tuesday unveiled […]


Trader Joe Packaged vegetables are susceptible to bacterial infections.

Some packaging fresh vegetables sold under the Green Giant and Trader Joe’s brands are recalled. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said the products were recalled for possible infection with Listeria-borne bacteria. If you are infected with Listeria, you can be seriously killed. The recalled products include butternut squash, cauliflower, zucchini, and buttered squash […]


Worms were found at eight Korean restaurants and were shut down.

According to the Los Angeles County Public Health Service, 12 restaurants in Los Angeles County have been shut down for a period of four months due to various hygiene regulations, and hygiene problems in Korean restaurants are still being handled by health authorities. According to the results of sanitary inspection of the catering business of […]


Lottery winning number ‘0-0-0-0’ … 2,000 winners

The winning number of the lottery that hit the number four came to ‘0-0-0-0’ in North Carolina. The winner of the pick-up called ‘pick 4’ in North Carolina was named 0000. About 1,000 of the lottery tickets sold for $ 1 were won by the winner, with $ 5,000 in prize money, and 1,000 copies […]


are you a prime member?

More than half of all American households were found to be prime members of the Amazon. RBC Capital Markets, an investment bank, said in a recent report on Amazon that the proportion of Amazon Prime members, which was 25% in 2013, grew to 59% in June of this year. “The number of members has not […]


‘Keep America Great!’ instead of ‘Make America Great Again!’

President Donald Trump officially declared the challenge of re-election in the 2020 presidential election. President Trump told the Orlando Amway Center in Florida that he was cheering many supporters and made the catch phrase “Great for America again” four years ago during the first presidential challenge. The anchor of the re-election road was raised.


LA Korea Tourism Organization announces “Hallyu Tourism” program

<Hallyu Activities Program> 1-day programs for foreign touristsHallyu K-food Cooking ClassCook Korean food seen on popular K-dramas and entertainment shows with the guide of a professional chefA cooking class for vegetarians are regularly programmed as wellHallyu Star Makeup ClassParticipate in the Hallyu Star Makeup Class taught by professional makeup artistsThey will also cover topics such […]