K pop festival preliminaries, excitement in the United States.

The participation of the 2019 K-POP World Festival, the world’s largest K-pop festival, is hot among American young people.
It is a big festival with a direct ticket that can become a K-pop star, and there is a fierce competition for it in the United States.

The local media “The Seattle Times” on Tuesday unveiled the festival participants in the preliminary stage.

The Seattle preliminary contest, held on the 28th of last month, was full of heat reminiscent of the Korean main line. Participants from the age of 14 to the late 20s only participated in English speaking applicants except Korean nationals.
K pop contestants The professions also varied. Soft engineering, researchers, and other members of the dance group ‘PONx3’, who are headquartered, gathered after work every week for the day. The 18-year-old Max Roy, who won the first prize in the song section, is a university student dreaming of an architect, but after school, he admired K pop.
Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Houston.

On the 15th of last month, the 4th K-Pop World Festival, which includes Atlanta, was held in the southeastern region. A total of 57 teams participated on the day. It has nearly tripled from last year’s 20 teams, proving K-pop power.

In Dallas, Texas, on March 22, 300 teams of 69 teams participated.

Los Angeles preliminaries will be held on April 27 at AR Hall, Korean Cultural Center.

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