‘Kimchi Jjigea'(the korean kimchi stew) became more famous thanks to Netflix movies.

CNBC recently reported that Netflix’s streaming service ‘Always Be My Maybe’ has attracted interest in Asian food culture centered on Korean food.

A Korean-born actor Randall Park and Ally Wong who has a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother, was featured in a comedy about an unhappy heroine who grew up in childhood from two immigrant families settled in San Francisco.

In the movie, the scenes of naturally eating Kimchi stew, rice and spam, buns, and chicken legs naturally come out during the growth process of the two main characters. Afterwards, the heroine succeeds as a famous chef, and influenced by the male protagonist and her mother, the restaurant opens with a menu of Asian foods including kimchi stew.

CNBC said the film is fiction, but the United States, which falls into Asian cuisine, is real. According to market researcher Euromonitor International, overall sales of Asian Pacific restaurants in the US increased by 114% in 2004-2018.

Market researcher NPD said that consumption of kimchi in the United States grew more than 16 percent in the same period last year.

넷플릭스의 신작 'Always Be My Maybe'의 한 장면. [넷플릭스 제공]
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