CJ ‘Bibigo Kitchen’, a modern restaurant (CJ 현대식 한식당 체인 ‘비비고 키친’ 오픈)

CJ presented a new concept Korean brand ‘Bibigo Kitchen’.

Bibigo Kitchen, which opened on the first floor of AMC Theater in Fashion Valley Mall of San Diego on the 24th of last month, focused on a modern menu that newly interpreted authentic Korean food.

The store has a total of 70 seats and is designed with a grill bar and an open kitchen.

The menus include Korean BBQ, such as bulgogi and ribs, and crispy, crispy soft Krispy Pork belly, in the form of plates and stones. A variety of menus and liquors are also available, including Seoul bibimbap, Japche(잡채), Korean chicken noodle soup(삼계탕), and honey soy fried chicken.

Besides they have a variety of dumplings, such as beef dumplings, mini chicken wings, ribs dumplings, ribs kimchi dumplings, and ribs shrimp dumplings, all of which are handled daily.

Bibigo Kitchen will host a $ 1 beer event for customers who order the main menu for two days from 15th to 16th.

CJ said, “We have upgraded eight Bbigo restaurants that are currently in operation, and we will open a second store in Westfield Centry City in LA this summer.”

CJ가 새롭게 선보인 한식당 브랜드 '비비고 키친' 내부 모습. 샌디에이고 1호점에 이어 곧 LA지역에 2호점을 오픈할 예정이다. [CJ 제공]
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