‘The face of Jesus’ of Leonardo da Vinci and ‘the face of Judah’ …..

Jung Jun-young, who was born in the star digs program, and Jung Jun-young, who was born in the name of Big Bang as a big bang. They are mistaken for the love of fans and become monsters.

In 1491, Leonardo da Vinci, first under the direction of the Vatican, sought out a man who would become a gentle face of Jesus face model in order to draw the last supper. At the end of his long-standing commitment, a year and a half later, he finds a clean, good-looking 19-year-old young man who can symbolize the figure of Jesus.
In the following six years, Da Vinci, who completed all the paintings of Jesus ‘eleven disciples, finally went to Jesus’ prison sentence for the most brutal and vicious murder in Rome where he sought the model of one traitor, Grotto Judas, When he saw a prisoner who was there, he shouted “That’s the face,” and chose him as a model for Judas Garrot. When the paintings are complete, the prisoner who became the model for Judas Garrot speaks to Da Vinci.
“There was a model of Jesus in the picture … six years ago. That was me…..”

The same person, totally changed face … …

People look different depending on how they have lived.

Like before and after … ..

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Finally tied up in handcuffs …..

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